For over a decade, the Tokyo International School’s Cherry Blossom Fair has engaged thousands of people for a day full of fun, international food, prizes and charitable giving. Our Fair has two main purposes: to encourage and celebrate TIS’s community spirit and to raise funds for Civic Force/ APAD, TIS Cambodia as well as our own learning environment. Our goal is to create a fantastic experience— where families from TIS and our surrounding community can sample international cuisine, play games, win prizes and enjoy each other’s company—with all the proceeds benefiting three worthy causes.


Apad / Civic Force

APAD stands for Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management.  It is an agreement between six Asian countries to provide effective disaster assistance.  When a natural disaster occurs, there is often an influx of resources and aid from governments, individuals and non-profits.  APAD works to coordinate these resources and distribute them effectively.  Civic Force is Japan's branch of the APAD alliance. In addition to responding to disasters, Civic Force focuses on mitigating disaster risks. As part of this effort, APAD/Civic Force also comes to TIS and provides assemblies/ workshops about disaster planning,


Japan Relief for Cambodia / TIS Cambodia

TIS Cambodia is an adjunct classroom in Cambodia, focused on teaching critical subjects such as English and computer skills. So far, TIS has provided TIS Cambodia with whiteboards, bookshelves, and 10 new computers. TIS also supplied over 70 kgs of books to the school and most recently, a water well to provide fresh water. Our next goal is to provide 21 new bicycles for children who live far away, so they can too go to school on a regular basis. Our current plans inlcude: putting on rain shutters to protect the computers in the classroom; installing ceiling fans; improving the playground; connecting TIS Cambodia to the internet. 

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TIS GRants & Tis makes a difference

Anyone in the TIS community--student, teacher, parent--can apply for a TIS Grant to cover a need.  Past examples of TIS Grants include: library shelving for the middle school, audible Kindles for children who need help reading, a scoreboard in the gym, gym equipment, the playground structure, musical instruments, etc.  A branch of the TIS Grants, called TIS Makes a Difference, provides grants that have a charitable focus.  Past examples include making sanitary kits for women after Japanese natural disasters and a playground structure in Fukishima after the 2011 disaster.