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What do we hope to achieve?

With the support and generosity of our community, we’ve identified the following goals:


100% Student INVOLVEMENT

in keeping with TIS’s mission of nurturing globally responsible learners, our Cherry Blossom Fair aims for all students to participate in helping others.

By making fun competition and "experience" based prizes for the individual, the class and the staff member who sells the most tickets, we hope to engage our student body through healthy competition.

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Donate to Civic Force/ APAD

We will continue our long-term partnership with Civic Force/APAD Japan, an organisation dedicated to uniting Asian Pacific countries in order to effectively manage disaster relief as well as preparing Japan for natural disasters. 

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Support TIS Cambodia 

Working alongside Cambodia Schools, we will continue to sponsor an adjunct classroom in a school in Cambodia. This classroom will teach students critical subjects such as computer skills. Additionally, our Fair will support the annual TIS service trip to Cambodia.




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Improve our learning Environment

Our Cherry Blossom funds finance TIS Grants and TIS Makes a Difference programs Both programs provide snyone (students, parents, teachers) in the TIS community the opportunity to address and propose change in our school. See a need for improvement? Apply for a TIS Grant and let’s get started! TIS Makes a Difference is a similar grant process focused on supporting charitable causes.


Charitable Partnerships

Long Term partnership with Japan-based charitable organisation

Our community believes that, although we come from over fifty different countries, speak various different languages and will all be here for different amounts of time, the one thing we all have in common is that we live in Japan right now. Japan is our red-thread and part of the glue of our community.

Thus, we have forged a long-term partnership with Civic Force/APAD Japan and donate each year to their organisation. 

A percentage of the profits from our Fair in 2018 will go to APAD Japan.


dedication to our School community 

A portion of the Fair 2018 profits will be given back to our school, to improve our learning environment. Our focus for 2018 will be areas of further eduction for students and faculty, taking steps towards a green school and supporting our TIS grants system. 

We will ask all TIS community members to vote on the specific projects at the end of March. 


COMMITMENT to TIS cambodia

Together with Cambodia Schools, we will continue to sponsor the annual TIS teacher / student trip to Cambodia in Spring 2019. Our community will also be asked to vote on further sponsorship.