With a variety of games, crafts and places to shop— there is something for everyone. 



We are ready to entertain our children for the afternoon!

Shake, Shimmy & Jump get those balls out of the box - without using your hands!

Tower Builder create a free-standing tower of nuts, with only one hand, holding a chopstick!

Balloon Challenge can you blow up a balloon using science?

Go Fish fish in the pond with a reel and see how many you can catch!

Sponge Throw practice your aiming skills!

Basketball how is your jump shot? Play and see.


Copy of TIS_CBF_SakuraGraphic.jpg
Copy of TIS_CBF_SakuraGraphic.jpg

Arts & Crafts

Love creativity and handiwork? Head up to the 2nd Floor to find out what we have in Store for you.

Sand Art construct patterns and colors and shapes with sand

Shrink Dinks a blast from the past... colour your image and watch it as is shrinks in the oven

Nail Art the perfect time to blend art with a bit of fashion

Origami a Japanese art

Face Art something for all!

Beading let your inner artist shine


Toy & Costume Bazaar

We’ve changed our Bazaar this year—Come find your new favorite toy and next year’s Halloween costume.

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Used Books

Located in our school lobby, our used book sale is a great place to find a good read for your next evening in!